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Swivel Loading Ramps

"Light Plus Series" by WM System

The WM Systems Light Plus series loading ramp is our most popular ramp system, favored by large fleets and owner-operators across North America because of its industry-leading swivel function. This standard feature allows for 90 degree external swivel, acting as a second door to allow for cargo area access without the need to deploy the ramp. Customers love the swivel function not only for easy cargo access, but also for the ability to load 40x48 pallets into the cargo area using a forklift. An optional internal swivel kit can be installed at any time, allowing the ramp to lock near the wheel well for out-of-the-way storage. 

Additionally, this ramp comes equipped with a robust spring assist system making deployment or storage easy for vehicle operators of wide-ranging physical abilities. 

Constructed of high quality materials, nearly every piece of this ramp is constructed of aluminum for longevity in rainy, snowy, icy, muddy and saltwater/coastal climates.

The Light Plus series loading ramp is suitable for full size vans, box on body, and full size box trucks. 

  • Brand: WM System

  • Product line: Light Plus Series loading ramps

  • Country of origin: Italy


Widths from 31" - 47", lengths from 78" - 128".  Custom sizes can be special ordered.

Left-hand swivel is standard on Light Plus series ramps, shown on a Mercedes Sprinter (9ALPC279 Perforated ramp).

Standard left-hand swivel pivots the ramp on the driver's side, allowing easy cargo area access.

Internal lock kit and position shown for a Light Series loading ramp.

Optional: Internal lock kit available to store the ramp against the wheel well.

Loading four wheeler on Light Plus series ramp, showcasing 1,500 lb. capacity.

1,500 lb. standard capacity.


Ramp being used as a plank to a high curb, with side door install application

Use ramp as a plank on steps, van-to-van, loading docks and more while maintaining weight capacity.

Optional third-piece section shown on a Ford Transit low roof van for Light Series loading ramp.

Optional: Third piece extensions available for even greater length.

Spring assist close-up on Light Plus series ramp.

Spring assist standard on every ramp for ease of use and long-term reliability. 

Flexible transition threshold comes standard on every ramp.

Each ramp comes with a flexible flap threshold that provides a smooth transition from ramp to vehicle.  

red cordless powerdrill_edited.jpg

New no-drill mounting hardware available for certain van models. Inquire today!

Only 3 to 22 lbs of force is needed to deploy the Light series loading ramp

Ramp requires only 22 lb. of force to deploy and store.

Wheels at the end of the ramp close-up on Light series loading ramp

Equipped with wheels at the end of ramp to make deployment easy.​

Surface texture solid or perforated.jpg

Aluminum ramp surface available in solid or perforated texture.

Light series ramp right-hand swivel option shown on a Ford Transit van

Optional: Right-hand swivel can be special ordered, ideal when a rear AC unit is installed.

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