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Handwash Stations

Our handwash stations are ideal for placement in high traffic areas to reduce the spread of contaminants and infectious diseases.  Available in three sizes, they all come with an integrated soap dispenser, which is removable allowing for refill of the water tank. A plastic blocking cap is also provided should the end user not want to use the soap dispenser feature.  The inset water dispenser nozzle is intended to reduce the risk of damage by protecting it with the body of the tank.  The tank is rotomolded using virgin polyethylene and a UV addictive for stabilization.

There are three available mounting kits for the handwash station, each sold separately: freestanding frame, truck frame rail mount, and truck body mount. 


The freestanding frame makes the handwash station ideal for locations such as public parks and docks, warehouse and commercial building entry points, portable restroom facilities, construction sites, golf course tee boxes, agricultural production facilities, and more. This hand wash station meets OSHA requirements for a hand washing station at construction sites. 


The truck mounts allow for nearly universal install on a variety of commercial vehicles, ideal for ensuring your driver is clean prior to reentry into the vehicle cabin. ​

Brand: Co.Par Plastics​​

Product line: Plastic water tanks

Country of origin: Italy

Handwash station IDRO 18.jpg


Handwash station shown with optional stand

Freestanding stand

Handwash station IDRO 25.jpg


Handwash station optional truck body mount kit

Truck body mount

Handwash station IDRO 40.jpg


Handwash station optional truck frame rail mount kit

Truck frame rail mount

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