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Tool Boxes

Our rugged underbody storage boxes are up to the toughest of challenges. They're made from fully-recyclable, chemical-resistant, UV-stabilized Polyethylene. Designed with state of the art tooling, the lid sit in a recess to minimize the potential for water ingress and have additional protection through an automotive-grade rubber seal.  They're secure with key-operated locks that come standard. The handle flips up into a horizontal position and allow for easy unlocking, even with gloved hands, and flips down into a safety recess. The lid opens 180° for unencumbered access. 


They're ideal for the storage of any tools or supplies needed while operating vehicles and machinery, including agricultural machinery (i.e., the storage of PPE on crop sprayers).

Brand: Jonesco Plastics

Product line: Onboard storage toolboxes

Country of origin: UK

JBZ580 primary.jpg


JBZ1000 primary.jpg


JBZ650 primary.jpg


JBZ1200 primary.jpg


JBZ700 primary.jpg


JBZ800 primary.jpg


JBZ900 primary.jpg


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