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Non-Swivel Loading Ramps

"Light Series" by WM System

Our non-swivel loading ramps are WM System's "Light Series" ramps.  WM System is a global leader in high-quality cargo van products based on Italy. These non-swivel ramps are our lowest price point, and easiest operation and install. Standard features include industry-leading spring assist, flexible transition flaps and wheels on the end of the ramp for effortless deployment and storage. 

Light Series loading ramps are suitable for all small cargo vans, full size cargo vans, box on body, and full size box trucks. In small cargo van applications, the Light Series is suitable for rear door applications. In full size cargo vans, the Light Series can be mounted at either the rear or side doors. In either application, the loading ramp sits just inside the doors and only takes up about 13 inches of cargo space, including the mounting hardware. Keeping the ramp inside the vehicle protects it from rain, snow, and vandalism.

No maintenance or service is needed. These ramps will provide years of hassle free performance, designed to be used numerous times a day, every day. 

  • Brand: WM System

  • Product line: Light Series loading ramps

  • Country of origin: Italy


Width from 23" - 47", length from 78" - 128".  Custom sizes can be special ordered.

Surface texture solid or perforated.jpg

Aluminum ramp surface available in solid or perforated texture.

Light series removeable quick release kit close-up

Optional: Quick Release kit allows ramp to be removed in 1 minute, ideal for sharing ramp across a fleet

of vehicles.


880 lb. standard capacity. 1,300 lb. capacity can be special ordered.


Each ramp comes with a flexible flap threshold that provides a smooth transition from the ramp to vehicle.  

Optional third piece section extends the length of the ramp

Optional: Third piece extensions available for even greater length.

Spring assist close-up on Light series 9AL032 loading ramp

Spring assist standard on every ramp for ease of use and long term reliability. 

Ramp being used as a plank to a high curb, with side door install application

Use ramp as a plank on steps, van-to-van, loading docks and more while maintaining full capacity.

red cordless powerdrill_edited.jpg

Optional: New no-drill mounting hardware available for certain van models. Inquire today!

Only 3 to 22 lbs of force is needed to deploy the Light series loading ramp

Ramp requires only 3-22 lb. of force to deploy and store, depending on model.

Wheels at the end of the ramp close-up on Light series loading ramp

Equipped with wheels at the end of ramp to make deployment easy.​

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