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Companies We Represent

We represent commercial vehicle upfit accessory manufacturers across the globe that offer best-in-class products.

Jonesco Logo_edited.png

Jonesco - established in 1967 - is a family run manufacturing company with decades of experience. They provide mudguards in medium and high density polyethylene. With over 9 Million mudguards sold we supply the largest range of sizes from one manufacturer to the original equipment / aftermarket commercial and leisure vehicle markets. Our major share of the UK market is complimented by international sales to more than 50 countries. Export sales now account for more than half of all sales. Jonesco (Preston) Ltd. also owns a French subsidiary. Jonesco products are manufactured by the process of rotational molding and extrusion.


WM System logo_edited.png

Located in Rolo, Italy and established in 1991.  A history of innovation.

Since the time of its incorporation, WM System has been delivering solutions designed to meet people’s needs… including latent needs that have yet to emerge!

The development of each WM System product is guided by principles of simplicity, safety and quality and by the painstaking analysis of the requirements of the people who will be using it. The company has grown in line with these strategies, distilling its operations into 3 separate divisions, all of which share the language of mobility.

We started out designing and making loading ramps, which are widely used in many business sectors.

We then began to focus on the access ramps sector, with products aimed at promoting accessibility and personal independence.

The latest model in our product range is called Dynamic. Dynamic is a futuristic mobile workstation designed to revolutionise the concept of mobile service and work.

All our products are entirely fabricated in Italy using top quality materials. Genuine Italian design and production are just two of the reasons why our customers place their trust in our company and choose our products, time after time.

With 25 years of passion, hard work and continuous research, we have ascended to the position of European leader in the loading and access ramps sector. Every year, new customers choose WM System as a reliable partner to help them in their business development process.


MAD Automotive Logo CMYK-Tekengebied 1 kopie 13_4x-8.png

Since 1976 MAD has been developing solutions for the automotive industry, with continuing focus on drivers. Nowadays, everyone wants to drive in comfort and safety, but especially to be able to enjoy the pleasure of being behind the wheel.


MAD is a specialist company with the emphasis on customised work and quality. We start with an experienced research team and we never stop. That MAD is the choice of professionals and, incidentally, of the major inspection authorities, is confirmation of this fact. Success is not a matter of chance.

MAD is fitted by garages throughout the world. Select distributors ensure quick delivery and after-sales service. They provide short lines of communication and quick responses to market needs. Why not put us to the test?

MAD's products come with maximum support for the car manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, garage and consumer. We're always there when you need us! Located in Veenendaal, Netherlands.


Aeroz America Logo.pdf.jpg

Founded in 1987 in Victoria, Australia, Aeroz Products has been delivering high quality aerodynamic products since its inception. With years of expertise behind it, Aeroz Products has become a leading manufacturer of aerodynamic truck fairings and accessories for trucks and vans.

As a successful supplier to O.E. (original equipment) manufacturers, it is a proven supplier of quality fiberglass components to some of the most respected transport equipment manufacturers in the world.

Aeroz Products is privately owned and operated and values its reputation above any short term gain, and therefore with company focus firmly on the ‘long-term’ they are proud to provide the following commitments;​

  • It is our commitment to all Aeroz Products clients that the quality of our aftermarket products will always remain at a level that has enabled us to achieve an O.E.M. client satisfaction level that is second to none in terms of product and service quality.

  • Aeroz Products have been designed to do the task prescribed and have been manufactured with the major focus being the longevity of their useful life.


Meroni Serrature Logo_edited.png

Founded in 1945, thanks to over 70 years of experience in the industry, Serrature Meroni is a solid Italian manufacturer of mechanical and electronic locking systems. A world leader in furniture locks  and internationally renowned for door products, such as the famous PremiApri knobs, Serrature Meroni is also a dynamic organization able to explore new frontiers. Taking advantage of the know-how acquired in time and the close cooperation with customers, the company has been able to enter new makets, design original and successful solutions for new applications, such as UFO Meroni security locks for light commercial vehicles aimed to the automotive after-market segment.

In 2009 the launch of UFO Classic, the first custom solution designed exclusively  for LCVs and vans security. UFO, immediately a big hit, offers a practical, effective and elegant alternative to the outdated padlocks and ineffective ugly hacks. Adopted and appreciated by professionals and fleet managers, it has sparked a small revolution in the sector.

UFO+ the natural evolution, launched in 2012, features a number of enhancements: a slam-lock mechanism providing higher security through automatic locking, a quick mounting system considerably reducing installation time and a convenient security device since it is fixed permanently to the vehicle’s body.

In 2016, the brand new security lock UFO³ has been launched as world preview at  IAA Nutzfahrzeuge, the international exhibition in Hannover. It is an add-on lock, leveraging UFO Classic iconic design and main features and matching them with UFO+ performances.  UFO³ brings the whole to a new level of versatility and security.

Alongside UFO Meroni products, LUCCOTTO completes the range: a smart and simple product featuring the same functionaliy of a padlock but with a high design content, stainless steel body and stout holders. It is the perfect solution for small trucks, as LUCOTTO and its holders can tolerate up to 30 mm doors misalignment.


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