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Heavy-Duty Hoist

"EasyLoad" 1,100 lb. capacity by MAD

The MAD EasyLoad Hoist stands out against all the other cargo van and box truck loading systems. Using the electrically-powered extending boom, the Heavy-Duty model can lift loads up to 1,100 lb. and position them within the cargo area of the vehicle.


The system consists of a high quality, compact winch unit with extendable boom. The boom and winch are operated with the single press of a button. The handy mobile control unit can be operated with one hand. You won’t require any other equipment or need to rely on the facilities available at delivery and collection points.

Installation couldn’t be easier. The EasyLoad Hoist is mounted on a lightweight, self supporting sub-frame which is attached to existing anchor points in the vehicle. Just two cables are connected to the power supply of the vehicle.  Expensive  modifications are unnecessary! When vehicles are exchanged, your EasyLoad Hoist can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled again. This hoist has a universal fit, compatible with Ford Transits, RAM ProMasters, Mercedes Sprinters, and Nissan NVs. 

The MAD EasyLoad Hoist helps drivers and employees avoid safety and injury hazards, especially strains associated with repeated lifting and moving of heavy loads. Increase the ability and productivity of your fleet today with an EasyLoad Hoist!

  • Brand: MAD

  • Product line: EasyLoad Hoist loading systems

  • Country of origin: The Netherlands

Only need to lift 550 lbs. or less?  Learn more about the Light Duty EasyLoad hoist.


1,100 lb. maximum
lifting capacity


4 hours average install time


91" length of
lifting beam


Lifting speed of 2 or 3 inches
per second, based on model

tekening bus EasyLoad - 502 ankerpunt.jpg

7.9 ft. or 54.1 ft. cable lengths available, based on model


12V 100A winch


Mobile control unit operates winch and slide

EasyLoad - 502 kg - animatie - gif - Bas Breedveld.gif

Positionable across the width of the cargo area

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