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FuelScoop, FridgeScoop and Aerodynamic Kits by Aeroz Products.

Aeroz Products has supplied high-quality, commercial truck aerodynamic products since 1983.

The FuelScoop, FridgeScoop and Full Aerodynamic Kits are roof- and cab-mounted, fiberglass, air-deflecting devices designed for medium duty (class 3-8) box trucks. Product benefits include:


  • Significantly reduces fuel costs (Median US fuel savings are 20% with a range of 13%-27%)

  • Recoup product investment in as little as 12 months

  • Every gallon saved prevents 20lbs of CO₂ emissions

  • Improved safety, by better truck stability

  • Reduced transmission wear and tear

  • Improve driver control and safety

  • Available for most box applications, including van, cab over and day cab (Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Transit, Sprinter, Freightliner and International)

A qualified mechanic should easily be able to install each products in 1-2 hours. They either bolt to existing factory anchor points or bond directly to the cab roof.

Fuel-Mitsubishi 4_edited.jpg


Fridge-Isuzu 3.jpg


Sprinter FAK_edited.jpg

Aerodynamic Kit

Fuel-Isuzu 2_edited.jpg


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