Easy Load Hoist- Heavy Duty
1,100 lbs Capacity 

No More Heavy Lifting!

The MAD EasyLoad stands out against all the other loading systems. Using the electrically powered extending boom you can easily lift loads up to 1,100lbs and then position them within the loading area of the vehicle. The boom and winch are operated electrically with a single press of the button.


The handy mobile control unit can be operated very simply with one hand. You don’t require any other equipment and you don’t have to rely on the facilities available at the delivery or collection point.


The MAD EasyLoad relieves drivers and employees and helps avoid Health & Safety at Work problems. Especially the avoidance of back complaints associated with repeated lifting and sliding heavy loads.


The MAD EasyLoad increases the flexibility and productivity of your fleet through improved loading capacity and vehicle deployment.

This hoist has a universal fit. Fitting in Ford Transits, Dodge Promasters, Mercedes Sprinters, and Nissan NV.

Easy Load Hoist
Technical Data:

Maximum lifting capacity:                    1,100 Lbs
Length when retracted:                        90 Inches
Maximum load height:                         118 Inches (minus the height of the interior space)
Dead weight:                                         330 lbs(including winch, but excluding Installation frame)
Winch specification:                              12V 100A
Winch operation:                                   Electric via push button on hand-held unit
Slide system:                                          Electric via push button on hand-held unit
Lifting speed:                                         2 Inches per second
Cable thickness:                                     3/16 Inch
Average installation time:                      4 Hours
Installation frames available:                 Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Dodge and van bodies.

Let us tell you how our hoist will fit into your:

Ford Transit

Dodge Promaster

Mercedes Sprinter

Call for your local salesmen 763-762-3451

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