Suspension Springs

Safety on the Road

With MAD auxiliary springs your van maintains the original ride-height even when fully loaded, and remains safe and comfortable to drive when unloaded.

Why Auxiliary Springs?

  • Better road holding and handling when loaded

  • More suspension travel with full load

  • Improved driver comfort

  • Helps maintain consistent hitch height

Why MAD Suspension Kit?

  • No drilling

  • Maintain near-normal ride height

  • Quickly and easily mounted

  • Does not affect vehicle warranty

MAD springs are progressively wound steel coil springs fitted in conjunction with the original suspension. As the load imposed on the suspension increases, the springs quickly become stiffer, reducing the amount of “sag,” improving the ride height, handling and safety of the load or towing vehicle. Where space or the design do not permit an additional spring, a complete replacement main-spring is fitted with the same improved characteristics.

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