PC Series High Capacity Loading Ramp

for Dodge Ram Promaster

The WM Systems PC Series is our heavy duty loading ramp system

The WM Systems PC series loading ramp capacity is unparalleled in the market. Standard capacities are 2,200lbs & 3,300lbs with the ability to special order up to 4,000lbs. capacity versions. Favored by large fleets and owner-operators across North American because of our industry leading swivel function. This standard feature allows for 90 degree external swivel; maintaining easy loading or unloading; even with a forklift! The optional internal swivel kit can be installed at any time allowing the ramp to lock against the wheel well for more permanent out of the way storage. 

Additionally this ramp comes equipped with a robust spring assist system making deployment or storage easy for vehicle operators of nearly all physical abilities. 

The PC series loading ramp is suitable for full size vans and box on body applications.

Details on the PC Series Swivel loading ramp system: 

Industries that use the PC Series loading ramp system include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

  • Motorcycle & ATV transport

  • Lawn Care- Lawn mowers & fertilizer spreaders

  • Concrete Polishing Machine Transport 

Key Loading Ramp Features Include:

  • 2,200 – 3,300 Lbs. loading capacity standard

  • 90 Degree external swivel standard

  • 90 Degree internal swivel optional

  • Spring assist standard on every ramp for ease of use and long term reliability

  • Ergonomic function of approximately 33lbs of force

  • Ramp surface is made of shot-blasted anti-slip aluminum

  • Wheel kit is standard on every ramp to make deployment and storage easy

  • Ramp floor is equipped with a low profile movable flap on the end touching the vehicle to facilitate a smooth and even transition between surfaces at multiple heights and load angles.

  • Space required: approximately 6-8" from rear doors

  • Available widths:  47"

  • Available lengths 98"-126"

  • Third piece extensions available for even greater length

  • Custom sizes are available to accommodate your unique application

Dodge Ram Promaster High Roof Loading Ramp Options

This video shows our PN# 91120 loading ramp with 2,200lbs capacity in a High Roof Dodge Ramp Promaster


Dodge Ram Promaster Low Roof Loading Ramp Options

Load Angle Reference Chart

*Load angle subject to change depending on cargo load weight*


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Dodge Proamster High Roof Van with High Capacity PC series WM System Loading Ramp

This Dodge Ram Promaster High Roof van has the WM System PC series loading ramp. This is showing a 47"W x 128"L with 3,300lbs capacity ramp. External swivel is standard and internal is optional.