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Dealer Partner Program

We’re excited to invite you to join our National Fleet Products Dealer Partner program.  The intent of this program is to make it easier for our mutual customers to find the right upfitter for their needs and locale, and to grow our collective business together.  It is a no-cost program with the following benefits:

  • Inclusion on our coming-soon dealer map, where we’ll be referring local leads to you directly from our website.

  • An exclusive discount on the purchase of a demonstration product(s) of your choice for your showroom or Company Demo Vehicles, at 50% off your normal price!

  • A Dealer Partner welcome package, including a National Fleet Products Dealer Partner plaque and a few desk/shop supplies to make your job easier.


As part of the program, we have a few simple asks of our Dealer Partners:

  • Complete the Dealer Authorization Form below, including a sales team member contact name for each dealer location.  We find that customers appreciate having a specific sales staff member to ask for when calling.  (If you have multiple locations to include, please simply specify the appropriate sales contact at each location).

  • As a gesture of partnership, we’d appreciate being showcased on your website as a vendor partner.  Our National Fleet Products logo is available, at left, in both dark and light versions.

Dealer Partner Survey
National Fleet Products lines carried
Industry buying groups/trade shows:
Competitor brands carried:
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