Light Series Loading Ramp
For Nissan NV & NV200

The Light Series Ramp is ideal for both small and full size vans 


Details on the Light Series Loading Ramp: 

The Light series is a simple and economic loading ramp. Equipped with standard features including our industry leading spring assist and wheels on the end of the ramp for effortless deployment and storage. 

The Light Series loading ramp is ideal for both Nissan NV and NV200 size vans. In the NV200 van the Light series is suitable for rear door applications. In full size Nissan NV van the Light series can be mounted in either the rear or side door depending on the customers preference. 


In either application the loading ramp sits just behind the doors and only takes up about 8 inches of space. Keeping the ramp inside the vehicle protects it from rain, snow, and vandalism. 

No maintenance or service needed. These ramps will provide years of hassle free performance. Designed to be used numerous times a day; every day. 

Optional Removable Kit available: Must be countersunk into wood floor. Ideal for sharing of ramp between vehicles in a fleet. 

The Light series loading ramp is suitable for all small vans, full size vans, box on body, or full size box trucks. 

Key Loading Ramp Features Include:

  • 880 Lbs. loading capacity

  • Spring assist standard on every ramp for ease of use and long term reliability

  • Ramp floor is available with either solid or perforated aluminum surface

  • Equipped with wheels at end of ramp to make deployment and storage easy

  • Ramp floor is equipped with movable flaps on either end to facilitate a smooth and even transition between surfaces at multiple heights and load angles.

  • Use ramp as a plank on steps, van to van, loading docks and more while maintaining full load capacity

  • Ergonomic function of approx 22lbs of force

  • Variety of widths & lengths available

  • Third piece extensions available for even greater length

  • Optional: ability to remove ramp in 1 minute when equipped with quick connect & release system.

  • When equipped with quick connect & release system the light ramp is ideal for sharing and transfer from one vehicle to another for multi-vehicle fleets  

  • Custom sizes are available to accommodate your unique application

Nissan NV High Roof Loading Ramp Options


NV Low Roof & NV200

*Load angle subject to change depending on cargo load weight*


Load Angle Reference Chart

*Load angle subject to change depending on cargo load weight*


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