EasyLoad Hoists

Transport equipment in and out of cargo vans quickly and safely with one of our loading ramps.  We offer a variety non-swivel, swivel, high-capacity and beneath subfloor options.  Shop models below.


Light-Duty Hoist

  • Our simplest loading ramp series: permanently installed behind rear doors, taking up less than 13" of cargo space.

  • Easiest installation and lowest price point.

  • 880 lb. standard capacity; 1,300 lb. capacity available on some models.

  • An optional quick-release kit can be purchased to remove the ramp from the vehicle as needed (or share between multiple vehicles).

Shop Non-Swivel Ramps
  • Our most popular loading ramp series: standard exterior swivel allows for cargo area access without deploying the ramp.

  • 1,500 lb. standard capacity.

  • Left-hand swivel standard (as shown); Right-hand swivel can be ordered.

  • Internal swivel kit optional, and can be added after install.

Shop Swivel Ramps

Heavy-Duty Hoist